Mission Continues Fellowship - Construction Crew Leader

Assists Construction Supervisor with the following: 
   A. Site Coordination
   Assure that Habitat for Humanity of Madison & Clark Counties construction sites are maintained in a manner that promotes safety, efficiency, and effectiveness for both the skilled contractors and the unskilled volunteers that we engage in the home building process.  Accept job site deliveries such as materials, dumpsters, and portable toilets. Direct the delivery person where to locate the delivery package per the site coordination plan. 
   B. Coordination of Materials & Tools
   Assure that ordered materials reach site and are inventoried & checked for quality. 
Inventory & check quality of tools used by skilled and unskilled persons during the home build process.  Maintain clean and organized material and tool storage facilities. 
   C. Preparation for Volunteer Crews
   Prepare scopes of work for scheduled volunteer crews.   Prepare site, tools, and materials for use by volunteer crews.  Assure that all preventative safety measures are in place prior to volunteer work beginning. This may include inspections of ladders, tools, and first aid kits. 
   D. Volunteer Crew Leading
   Teach volunteers how to complete necessary tasks .  Involve the future homeowners in the construction process; team with regular volunteers.  Assure that all work done is high quality and completed in a timely manner.  Remove all tools and materials from site at end of project.
   E. Carpentry (during work times in which volunteers are not present) 
   Provide construction staff assistance in performing carpentry scopes of work to maintain the construction schedule.  

The application deadline is April 17, 2017!  https://www.missioncontinues.org/fellowships/ 

Please email Nick@habitatmadisonclark.org with any questions or to express interest!