Herman & Dononetta Haggins

Grandparents to seven grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 21, high school sweet hearts Dononetta and Herman Haggins stay young by looking after their youngest grandchildren almost every day.

“’You need another house, Grandma’ they always say to me,” Dononetta says.

Dononetta and Herman Haggins currently live in an old family home that has become unmanageable for the couple as Herman has been struggling with health issues for the last several years. The home is fifty years old, with sagging floors and faulty plumbing. Dononetta and Herman know that they need a safer place to watch their grandchildren and age together.

“We only have a wood-burning stove to warm the house,” Herman says. “Every winter we get older and it is harder and harder to keep the fire going. It would feel right comfortable to not have to deal with having to change the wood every three hours.”

They believe that once they are in a decent home their health will improve and that they will finally be able to do the things they love again. “Herman is an artist, he even had his own art show in Winchester,” says Dononetta. “He hasn’t made much art lately but I know he will have more energy once we are in a better home.”

Herman and Dononetta are excited to work with volunteers in Winchester to build their home with Habitat for Humanity.

“Winchester is a really great community,” Dononetta says. “I hope that we are able to give back by letting people see what is possible. It’s never too late to change your life, you’re never too old. If you are thinking about applying for Habitat for Humanity do it right now. Get an application and send it in. Be patient, it is worth it.”

Herman and Dononetta’s home will mean safety, comfort, and more time to enjoy their lives and spend with family. Ultimately their partnership with Habitat will allow them to age in place and remain a part of the neighborhood they love and the community they are invested in.

“We will feel safe and comfortable in our new Habitat house,” Herman says. “We will feel proud to be in a home that is well built and safe, any family deserves that.”