Kristine Smith



Within minutes of meeting Kristine it becomes clear that she is determined to never let the hurdles in her life keep her down. That theme is evident throughout her life and is a trait she is diligently imparting to her children.

Kara (15), DJ (13), and Kianna (8) are the driving force behind Kristine applying to become a Habitat homeowner. Currently the family of 4 lives in a three-bedroom apartment built in the 70’s, where Kara and Kianna share a bedroom. “The space is our biggest problem,” says Kristine. “There’s 7 years between the girls and expecting them to share a bedroom doesn’t always make for the most peaceful home life.”

Becoming a Habitat homeowner is important to Kristine because of what it will show her children. “It will really make them proud to see how far we’ve come, all the obstacles we’ve overcome together. I want them to see that they can achieve whatever dream they want, so I have to show them they can by doing it myself.”

Kristine knows she is not the only one who is overcoming adversity in order to pursue her dream and she encourages others to apply to be a Habitat homeowners. “It’s a great program. The steps seem like a lot at first, but they really help. They have a lot of important lessons for all homeowners, not just Habitat homeowners. Everyone deserves the opportunity and the sense of pride that comes with homeownership.” She also encourages anyone thinking about getting involved with Habitat by volunteering or donating to go for it. “You would not know how much a little you give means to people like me who never thought we’d be standing here just months away from a new home. An hour, ten dollars, it has a huge impact on the lives of families that really need Habitat. I don’t know where else you could make an hour or ten dollars go as far as with Habitat.”

Kristine would like for everyone, not just her children, to learn from her experiences. She truly believes there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you just try hard enough. “You might be down but you’re never out. Work hard, keep trying until you make it.”